Who’s that, Who’s that, Who’s that?” – It’s Boity!

Fresh rhyme, clean flow and a feisty, cheeky yet sleek delivery; that’s Boity! Having recently dropped her debut single “Wuz Dat” featuring Africa’s coolest rapper, Nasty C from “Coke Studio Africa 2017”, music becomes her latest project, with Coke Studio Africa 2019 marking her first major TV feature. She will share the stage with Nazizi (Kenya) and Lioness (Namibia).

Wuz Dat” at Coke Studio?

Just a few months after the release of her first track, Boity was enlisted onto Coke Studio to represent South Africa on the Pan African music show. Boity recounts her Coke Studio experience as a “phenomenal” and “life-changing” experience, adding that: “It’s going to be something that solidifies my space in the rap industry.” Many artists who have been to Coke Studio Africa have tagged the experience as an intense music boot camp, away from the norm, given the fast pace of the show. Boity said this about why it was invaluable to her: “Coke Studio is about what you have to tap into and unlock within yourself. The experience showed me that I am capable and I think I am going to try and start using that energy to create more.”

A rapper at heart

From Boity’s confidence on the track, it’s clear that she’s always had her eyes set on dropping verses and was just waiting for the opportune time. She says: “I have always known that I can rap, it is one of those passions that have been bubbling under and I am happy to finally have the guts to come out and share my talent with my fans." Boity’s musical taste is heavily influenced by the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Cardi B and AKA. She has already had the opportunity to share the same platform with Migos during their concert in South Africa in 2017.

Boity’s style and approach

Boity is celebrated as one of South Africa’s most loved media personalities, who dabbles in modelling and acting. Many critics have doubted that she has what it takes, but Boity won’t back down on her music career. She affirms: “I’ve never been more confident in myself in any other space than in the music industry. I feel like this is the space where I have been most self-expressive. [I am sure there will be more lessons to learn in the coming years].”

With regards to her music-making process, Boity reveals: “All I have to do is be musically in tune and allow a beat to talk to me when I am in a space, allowing for my creative juices to flow… It’s not as easy as it looks.”

Catch Boity on the Coke Studio Africa 2019 finale, alongside a host of Africa’s leading female acts. All episodes can also be watched on YouTube.com/CokeStudioAfrica