Shellsy Baronet on successful streak from Coke Studio

Shellsy Baronet—the stunning Mozambican songstress with a voice to match is celebrated as one of the country’s youngest multi-talented Kizomba singers. She is famed for her hit single “Ultima Bolacha”, released in 2017 when she made her debut on Coke Studio Africa, and performed the remix alongside Eddy Kenzo (Uganda) and Bisa Kidei (Ghana). Riding on the success of her 2018 EP ‘Cor de Rosa’, Shellsy went on to become a bigger artist and brand, prompting Coke Studio Africa to enlist her for a second time as one of the main performing artists.

Shellsy’s Big Break

On the new season of “Coke Studio Africa 2019” Shellsy will be collaborating with Tanzanian R&B king Juma Jux, with their music collaboration produced by hitmaker Lizer, also from Tanzania. In 2017, Shellsy featured on Coke Studio on the show’s Big Break segment, which highlights undeniable fast growing artists with groundbreaking content. Her debut was followed by instant success in her career. After winning an award for Best Female act, her hit track “Ultima Bolacha” quickly gained traction to surpass 1 million views on YouTube. She credits the massive platform Coke Studio Africa gave her, as it contributed to lifting her career to unforeseen heights: “It feels amazing to be back on Coke Studio! Ever since last season my life has changed a lot because of what comes with the experience, and available opportunities on the platform. It feels good and humbling to be back on the show to represent my country and Africa at large.”

On making a sweet love song

Striking a remarkable chemistry and a deep connection with Jux, the pair seemed at ease and enthusiastic about creating tunes together. Commenting on her experience collaborating with the show’s stars she said: “Jux and I get along so well and it’s such a vibe. We are all excited to be around each other, the vibe is right and we make great music. We did an amazing track. While on the show we will try make good use of the platform and music connections that we create.”

Shellsy highly regards chemistry as very important in her approach to collabos: “It’s really about how you feel, it’s not about who or what you’re trying to get out of a collaboration. At the end of the day, whichever artist I feature along my journey it’s always been because we made an authentic connection.”

A snapshot at Mozambican acts & music scene

Other Mozambican acts joining “Coke Studio Africa 2019” include Messias Maricoa, highflying rapper Laylizzy, acclaimed singer-songwriter Lourena Nhate and Valter Atistico (Big Break artist). Through Coke Studio Africa, music lovers are discovering more sounds from Mozambique; from Kizomba to Hip-Hop. Shelly had this to say about her country’s music scene: “It’s growing and maturing over the years. It’s definitely an exciting and dynamic music market and it’s really humbling that I get to represent the Mozambican scene across other African countries when the show finally premieres.”