4 Things You Didn’t Know About Nadia Mukami

Fast-rising Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami rose to fame following the massive success of her hit songs “Yule Yule”, “African Lover” and “Si Rahisi”. Since 2015 she has impressed Kenyan music fans with her strong, sultry voice and catchy lyrics. In 2019, she will make her debut on Coke Studio Africa, featuring on the show’s Big Break segment, paired alongside Tanzanian R&B sensation Jux and Mozambican singer Shellsy Baronet. Nadia brings up to speed on her musical journey and aspirations…

Taarab Music

“I’d say my love for music started back when I was young, listening to my father’s collection of Taarab music. However, it’s musicians such as Ray C and Sanaipei Tande who really inspired me to start and pursue a career in music,” said Nadia, who credits her songwriting skills to an early exposure to a mix of genres, thanks to her father.

How I Got My Parents Attention

When Nadia started out, her parents were skeptical about her choice to pursue a music career. Thankfully, her set of releases did quite well in the media, quickly making her successful and a darling among music fans. This won her parent’s admiration. She says: “When I started singing, my parents, especially my dad, were hesitant to allow me to pursue a career in music. It was until they saw me on TV that they decided to give it a chance and now they are one of my biggest supporters.”

Lessons from Coke Studio Africa

As a young artist, there are many challenges you face when starting out in the music industry but Nadia is keen to learn from every challenge and opportunity presented her way.

“It’s not easy starting out but I am thankful that in the short while I’ve been on the scene, major doors have already opened. It’s surreal that I sung about Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee in my song “African Lover” and now I get to work with Jux on Coke Studio Africa! The whole Coke Studio experience has taught me that quality and discipline are important elements in everything that you do.”

If I wasn’t a musician I would be a poet or journalist

From the days she was in High School, Nadia used to write news briefs and read them out to the whole school. In Campus, she hosted a show called ‘Saturday Hip-Hop Count’ on their Campus Radio, Equator FM. She states: “I would probably have been a journalist in another world.” You can tell from Nadia’s expressive lyrics that she’s also a poet, and this is where it began: “I actually started out by doing performance poetry while in Campus, that explains the poetic rhymes in most of my songs.”

All eyes on Nadia as she represents Kenya on “Coke Studio Africa 2019” on the rising artists segment tagged “Big Break”. In a past season, “Coke Studio Africa 2017”, The Band BeCa were featured on the segment.