The Rise of Nigerian Trap King: Dremo

Dremo is a fresh, young and urban new school rapper who has recently been touted as Nigeria’s trap king. Dremo started music production and song writing at 12 years of age but signed his first professional contract to A.P.P.E (Absolute – Passion – Powers – Everything) Music Entertainment only 8 years later, in 2013.

Rocking a streak of blonde at the crown of his fancy hair cut, Dremo is wearing funky black sneakers and seems to have really connected with Coke Studio Africa 2017 Music Director Mpho. In fact, while at the recording studio Dremo is teaching him a new dance and they are jesting. Dremo goes quiet when Theo of Mafikizolo’s voice carries over his track Ojere.

Kenya’s Nyashinski has already laid his vibes on the beat and Theo is humming along to it. Nhlanhla (the other half of Mafikizolo) has her headphones on and is trying to find her flow as a section of the track plays over and over again.

Dremo says he is humbled to be working with such big names in Africa’s industry and wants to bring his A-game to the production table. He asserts: “I know I can do it! All I needed was a chance and this is it. It really feels like a dream come true.”

From April 2016, Dremo has been signed to Davido’s label, Davido Music Worldwide or DMW. According to the singer, Davido believed so much in him that he gave him the opportunity to showcase what he got. “I was in Ibadan when I got a call from a friend who is close to Davido saying that they were in ATL coming to Nigeria and that I should come join them in Lagos. On the day I met Davido, we went out clubbing.” Dremo would later meet Davido in the studio. He says: “When I entered the studio, I saw a picture of Fela and just started writing about Fela and when Davido came to the studio, he jumped on the record.”

The rap star says he is looking forward to spreading his wings in East Africa. He is looking forward to a great experience while at Coke Studio and working with Coke Studio Africa 2017 artists: Sauti Sol and Nyashinski.