Nasty C and His Bad Hair

Meet Nasty C. To say he’s young depends on what year when you were born, and not everybody wants to go into that, right? Moving on swiftly, South African Nasty C is famous for his bad hair, and more recently, his bad hair extensions.

You might rush to his Insta to check, but if you’re a fan, you know that these are his E.Ps.

The Durbanite is already an accomplished songwriter, rapper, and self-taught producer. Besides making the cut to be on Coke Studio Africa, Nasty C has had a bunch of great collabos, creating new sound with some of South Africa’s illest rappers.

He received the Best Freshman of the Year Award making him the youngest ever recipient at The South African Hip Hop Awards ceremony.

He’s got a sweet smile, but listening to his music, you get the sense that there’s something simmering beneath the surface.

Asked what animal he’d choose to be, he doesn’t hesitate before answering something totally unexpected: a snake.

“Not in a bad way, though. They move in silence, but when they strike, you feel it,” he says.

The way he says it makes the hairs rise on the back of your neck. This guy is not playing – and why would he?  Nasty C started working on his craft when he was nine years old, and how old is he now?

“20. I do my best, man.”

What’s his secret for making such dope music every time he drops a beat?

“It’s not like I sat down and planned my sound. I just let it flow,” he says.

Well then.

With his new single 031 out on iTunes, plus his collabos with Nigeria’s Runtown, you gotta wear your sunglasses just to look at him.

His influencers include his brother, who was a producer back in the day. Nasty C tinkered around the studio and eventually got the hang of it, producing his first song. He also looks up to AKA, whom he had the honour of curtain raising for, crossing off something major from his bucket list.

Now with cred like that, there’s no limit for Nasty C.

Watch out world.