Jaguar’s breaks the silence while on Coke Studio

Kenyan artiste Jaguar makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa for the first time this year on the show’s fourth season, paired with Ghanaian artiste E.L. The two got along so well that they met up in Ghana right after their recording in Kenya to shoot a music video of their Coke Studio original song: Warrior, produced by Uganda’s Bushingtone.

Right after his feature on episode three, Jaguar took to Facebook live to chat with his fans during Coke Studio’s Artist Takeover. He recalled his best moments on Coke Studio with E.L, shared info on an upcoming tour of Europe and the US and passed on some witty advice. Here’s more:


Breaking down Jaguar’s Longevity


Jaguar fans have over the years loved him for songs like Kioo, Kipepeo and One Centimeter for their simple but catchy melodies. He credits the charm of his music to his wealth of experience.


“I have been in the music industry for more than ten years - that has given me good experience. I also get inspiration from upcoming artistes,” he says.


On Coke Studio Magic


Jaguar says his favourite Coke Studio moment was the task of producing several songs in a span of one week: “It’s something I’ve never done - I’ve never been in the studio and told to make an original song on the spot. However, in four hours we came up with the song. When I came I up with a chorus I knew that we had it!”


On Ghanaian Delicacies


During Coke Studio’s Food Exchange, Jaguar fed E.L some Kikuyu delicacy. He says of Ghanaian food: “Their yam is like gum and after that I knew that I have to go to Ghana... E.L however loved Githeri so I generally think our food is better than Ghanaian food… I’ve also learnt so much on Coke Studio about the Ghanaian culture and how to exchange cultural ideas.”


Jaguar’s Life Lessons


An artiste who avoids the public and interviews, Jaguar took the opportunity to open up fully and share his life lessons: “I strive to be happy and change (the) lives of people. I keep up with myself through planning and being honest to my fans. You will never hear that I was paid and failed to perform. I also take time to mingle with my fans. [My pillars] include prayer, planning and humility… You also have to listen keenly to people to decipher from good and bad advice. Never give up but always work hard.”


Jaguar’s secret to hit making


Jaguar reveals: “I take my time and make good music. The good thing is that my fans also don’t pressure me. I take time to listen to other people’s songs, and that always makes me come back strong.”


He adds: “Kigeugeu became my biggest hit song because I had hustled for so long and it was a personal story. I wrote it thinking about my own frustrations.”