Chidinma on music and career

Nigerian songstress, popularly known as Chidinma aka Miss Kedike, returns to Coke Studio Africa for a fourth time this year, to collaborate with superstar Kenyan music group: Sauti Sol. At the show’s Behind the Music studios, Chidinma shared an exclusive reveal into her musical journey.

From a young age - She was very crazy about music

As a child, Chidinma Ekile did whatever she could to follow her passion. Her most memorable childhood story is the one night she slept outside because of her love for music. She says: “I did not do many things as a child because I had a very strict father. This one time I heard about an audition for a mass choir and I decided to go try out. While there, I was carried away by everything that was going on that I stayed late. I was with my younger brother so I thought my dad would be okay with us staying late. When we got home, my younger brother was let into the house and I was not. I thought it was a joke but I slept outside that night.”

If she wasn’t a singer Chidinma would have gone into journalism

Chidinma says the success of her debut single Kedike came early in her career – something that caught her off guard. She says she was surprised by how fast the song grew on people across the continent at the time and this made her stand strong on her own quite fast. If this did not happen, Chidinma says she would have become a news anchor. “I used to get a lot of magazines and read out loud to myself in the mirror”. But when the music wave came, she ran with it.

“No Lies” - Chidinma says

Chidinma is known to be strict and a hard worker.  What drives her crazy? “I cannot stand lies.” Miss Kedike will be quick to cut you off from her life if she realises that you lie to her. She says: “Maybe that is why I don’t have a lot of friends.” On the brighter side, Chidinma was picked at the very auditions that got her in trouble with her dad when younger. The rest is history as they say.