Comprising Roger Samnig, Hais Zaiter and Auguste Rim, X-Maleya is an award-winning band from Cameroon. Crowned as the Best African Group at the 2016 Kora Awards, the trio blends a unique sound of afro-pop and contemporary music for the world stage. They captivate a wide fan base through their expression in French, English, Duala and Bassa. X-Maleya make their debut on Coke Studio Africa season 4 this year, performing alongside Ethiopian singer Betty G and produced by Chopstix from Nigeria.


X-Maleya’s 2011 debut album Exil earned them three awards at the Canal D’or Awards in Cameroon, the same year. They have so far released five albums, and have been nominated for Best African Artist at the 2012 Kora Awards and at 2012 Trace Awards. In 2014, they made history by filling up the Olympia Bruno - one of the most prestigious venues in Paris, France. In 2016, they staged a successful USA tour dubbed USA Dream Tour.


With a mission to use music as a positive tool, and introduce the world to Cameroonian culture, X-Maleya keep producing music that transcends barriers and inspires younger generations. They stated: “We make music that is relevant today, while maintaining our cultural heritage. We make music that puts a strong emphasis on social issues while still engaging audiences and inciting people to take action.”


X-Maleya was formed eighteen years ago. Ever since, they have grown steadily and established a unique sound. Among other accolades, the band have been named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors (2015). They have over time established themselves as positive leaders who understand the role of music in transforming lives.