Victoria Kimani who was born in LA but is originally from Kenya started writing, recording and performing at 16. Since then, Victoria Kimani has been back and forth between LA, ATL, NYC and London working with top artists and producers, perfecting and developing her musical and visual craft as well as writing for signed artists around the world. In 2009, she joined a duo called Club Embassy and signed to Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest, released a mixtape called Diplomatic Immunity which got over 250,000 downloads and created a lot of Industry buzz. In mid-2010, the duo split and began working on solo projects.

Victoria has collaborated with Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Mario Winans, Cassie, Lloyd, Chris Brown, Timbaland, Konvict Music, Bamboo, Kimya, and countless other producers and artists worldwide.

Victoria is now working on her debut album. In 2010, she performed a cover of Ice Prince’s hit song “OLEKU” and from this caught the attention of Chocolate city executives. By the end of 2012, Victoria was signed on as Chocolate City Kenya’s first lady and has since been relocated to Kenya.

The fast rising singing sensation has a reality web series “THE RISE OF QUEEN VICTORIA”. Victoria comes from a musical family; both of her brothers (Bamboo and Kimya) are household names in East Africa. Her routine before going on stage is to say a prayer and drink lots of water. She unwinds by watching movies and drinking wine. Victoria eats healthy and works out to keep in shape. She also wants to be remembered for being fun, real and compassionate.