Music Maestro Jaaz Odongo is a renowned record label owner, music producer, sound engineer, content creator and director of Motion Image and Sound that deals with artist management and development, music production and cinematography.

He has worked with top artists such as Eric Wainaina, The Moipei Quartet, Sauti Sol, Kagwe, Astar, Rigga, Karun, Electrique Djs, Crew Teflon, Dela, Trina, KIU among others.

He has worked alongside Fena since the inception of her career and fully produced her album that dropped in 2014. He has also worked with Karun and Taio Tripper in their re-launch into solo careers.

He hopes to keep working with creative and hardworking artistes as he would like to be involved in creating Kenyan music mega stars to contribute to a successful music industry in Kenya and the world.


He grew in a very musical family and was always around music and recording studios growing up. He credits the versatility of his to the fact that he did not grow up listening to mainstream music. He has always been passionate about sound engineering. He started producing music as a hobby just after high school, but began doing it seriously after University.

He started playing the guitar at twelve and started a rock band at sixteen. This led him to play a vital role in the formation of the Rock Society of Kenya.

He is inspired by his father Jack Odongo, legendary Kenyan music producer, director and composer. He also finds inspiration from old and new producers such as Rick Rubben, J Dilla, Kaytranada and so forth.


The out-of-the-box thinker together with his team successfully worked with Karun in a series of webisodes in a bid to define herself as a brand and distinguish herself from her former group Camp Mulla.

He has a degree in Business and IT and enjoys football.