He runs his own state of the art recording studio, Decimal Media, under which he does location recording, final mixing, film and television soundtracks, and also music. He defined his edge by acquiring equipment that is not yet available locally which ensures quality production.

Sound engineer and producer extraordinaire, Eric has won a couple of awards including Best Producer in East Africa in the Kisima Awards in 2006. Having been in the industry for several years, he has mastered the art of production and now every song he touches turns into gold.

He draws his inspiration from R-Kay, Ennovator, Clemmo, Timberland, Dr.Dre and Kanye West.

Some of the successful and timeless songs he has worked on are Keroro and Furahiday by Nonini, Juu tu Sana, Weka Weka and That Dendai, all by P -Unit, Leta Wimbo by Sema, Ha-He by Just a band and Juliani’s Biceps.


He began his musical journey when he was part of a rap group dubbed Na Noma back in high school. They recorded their first song in 1998 with Ogopa Deejayz. He later left the group to pursue Music production. Their biggest song as a group was Tafadhali released in 2001.

He worked with Homeboyz as their first producer and sound engineer, where he left 4 years later to establish his brand and career.

He has had the opportunity to work with various artistes such as P-Unit, Just A Band, Nonini, Sauti Sol and Octopizzo just to mention a few.


He has a degree in Information Technology which he never got to practice because desk jobs bore him to the marrow.

He wrote the song Ha-he by Just a band in public transport on his way to work.

His mother disagreed with him about pursuing Music Production so much that she threw him out of the main house to go and live in the servants’ quarter. For two years, they never had much conversation until she saw him on a local newspaper cover page holding the trophy he won for Best producer during Kenya’s Kisima Awards.